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Village Promenade | Love The Life You Live
February is a month of frustration, empowerment, and love. Learning to love the life you live each day is important. February is one month after all of those new year’s resolutions were created and by now most people have given up on them, which can create frustration. We need to hone in our inner strength to overcome all obstacles that were distracting us from accomplishing our goal for the new year. By empowering ourselves, we empower others to do the same. This creates a chain reaction of positivity, leading to the one thing that concords all, love! The ability to love one’s self and the life they have been given is precious. As humans, we typically find joy in materialistic things, which can create a brief moment of happiness. However, the best way to create a happy, healthy life is to work from within. So this February remember to love yourself and the life you live each day!